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A one day trip to Koh Nok Paow Community

As it was told that there were sea cows living in the area around Koh Nok Paow, a journey then was made. It took about 50 minutes to drive from Surat Thani to Don Sak pier in order to take the boat to KohNok Paow. There are two ways of getting there, hiring a boat or taking the boat which goes to Koh Phaluay. Koh Nok Poaw is in between Don Sak and KohPhaluay but the big boat cannot go ashore. There isa small boat for people to disembark from the big boat to the island.

A boat from Don Sak to Koh Phaluay which stops at Koh Nok Paow

The trip, led by an assistant village headman using a hired long tail boat, set off to Koh Nok Paow and took about 30 minutes. A schedule was made to see the sea cows and coral reefs, visit Long Hon Beach, Tam Lord Cave, Had Tean Beach, View Point and taste juicy pomegranate fruit on the island.

Wat Khao Suwanpradit can be seen from the boat in the distance.

Setting off on a journey!

The first place to visit at the Nok Paow island was Long Hon Beach. The beach itself has white sand which contrasts nicely with the blue sky. Stepping on the beach was amazing as it was not actually sand, but small shells instead.

Had Long Hon Beach
  • น้ำทะเลสีฟ้าตัดกับชายหาด
  • ชายหาดเปลือกหอย
  • ชายหาดล่องหน
  • เปลือกหอยทับถมกันเป็นชายหาด
  • ศาลาพักผ่อน
  • เปลือกหอยเล็กๆ กองสูง
  • ท่าเรือในชายหาด
  • ท่าเรือ

Had Long Hon Beach is an amazing beach as it can be seen only towards the end of the year. Then the beach itself disappears, that’s why it’s called Long Hon which means “disappear”.There is a small path connected to the beach which can be used to explore the island.

A path connecting Had Long Hon at Aow Krod Bay.

After visiting the beach, the next trip is set to Had Tean Beach on which is the village community is situated. It took only 5 minutes to get to the village.

The walking path around the island can still be seen while setting off to Koh Nok Paow.

Koh Nok Paow Pier

Front side of the pier

The house of assistant village headman is just close to the pier.

The house is right next to the beach where the boat can dock in front of it.

The villagers also leave their boats right in front of their houses.

Preparing to set off for fishing.

หลังจากเดินทางมาถึงบ้านผู้ช่วยผู้ใหญ่แล้ว ก็ได้เดินทางไปชมเส้นทางรอบเกาะที่เราเห็นตอนที่นั่งเรือมายังเกาะ ซึ่งสามารถเดินเท้าเข้าไปได้

There is a path around the island which can lead directly into the center of the village. It is noted that the village area is very clean.


Arriving at the pier. It’s almost getting to the path which runs around the island.

The path is just next to the mountain on the other side. Boats are ashore at the front of houses.

A walking path around the Island Nok Paow

The walking path which leads around the island.

The view from the walking path to the village.

  • ชมวิวทางเดินรอบเกาะ
  • โขดหิน
  • แนวหินที่ติดชายทะเล
  • ดอกไม้ระหว่างทาง
  • ผีเสื้อที่นี่เยอะมากๆ
  • แมงมุมตัวใหญ่เกาะตามต้นไม้ ก็เยอะเช่นกัน
  • มองออกไปในทะเล จะเห็นเรือประมงผ่านไปมา
  • วิวจากทางเดินรอบเกาะ

The walking path around the island is quite long. Enjoying the view, then back to explore the village where a school and a monastery are on the other side.

Koh Nok Paow School during the summer holiday.



Koh Nok Paow School faces the beach from which it is protected by a fence whereas a mountain serves as a wall to its back. This natural environment is perfect for studying that could not be found in the big city.

A school looking from the boat in the distance

Keeping along the beach from the school, there is the Koh Nok Paow Monastery which is close to the school. Small shelters for monks are amongst the trees right next to the mountain. There are also two small pavilions for people to relax in and feel the breeze from the sea.

Koh Nok Paow Monastery

A pavilion in front of the Monastery

Another pavilion in front of the Monastery

After exploring the island, a mission of searching for sea cows begins. We were told by the village headman that the sea cows appeared just 2 days ago. Leave it to fate or fortune if they will show up. There is a cave of swallows but we could not access it without permission. It is a strictly protected area in order to prevent the nest thieves. The assistant of the village headman showed us around the island in case the sea cows might show up before leaving for Don Sak. Some islanders are with us to take their crabs and crayfish to the market.

Fresh fish for the market

Fresh crayfish still alive

  • โรงเรียนเกาะนกเภา
  • ชายหาดอีกฝั่งของเกาะ
  • แนวหินที่เห็นได้ตลอดทางของเกาะนกเภา
  • เกาะนกเภาอีกมุม

The trip of visiting the island to see the sea cows was not successful as they were nowhere to be seen. However, the island offers us the beauty of nature instead. There are no resorts or bungalowsto rent but there are home stay accommodations and tents offered to visitors.  Overall, Koh Nok Paow is very suitable for visitors or holiday makers who love peace and nature.