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KohPhaluay community is located at the east side of Donsak district, SuratThani and 18 kilometers far from Donsak district.  Most of the mountains in KohPhaluay arelimestone and they have changed shape due to the weather. Accordingly, there are many caves and cliffs of various shapes. KohPhaluay is known as aplace for energy conservation in Thailand where sunlight and wind power has been adopted for use in most houses.  As an area of energy conservation tourism, it becomes a very attractive tourist attraction.

There are many stories of how the island was named. It is believed that there are three mountain tops in the shape of water containers (Phluay). It is also believed that there is smoke rising from the mountain. Some people believe that this island is very fertile causing the rich people to name itKoh Ma Ruay(Ruay means rich) and later it was changed to KohPhaluay. The last belief is that there was a group of monks from SuanMok temple visiting this island and named it both KohPhaluay and another name, KohBhudaraksathamkhumkhrong (Group discussion of KohPhaluay community, 2016).  There are many stories about the naming of this island.

This community for energy conservation

On an island, or Green Island, is the only place for energy conservation in Thailand.

Conservation tourist attractions

There are many tourist attractions in KohPhaluay such as Sam Bo cave, Song PheeNong bay, Khao Ta Siem, white sand beaches, caves, and bird watching.


Hornbills can be seen year round both in the morning and in the evening. A big flock of 20-30 birds are flying and can be clearly seen fromKohPhaluaySchool.

Koh Phaluay is located about 20 kilometers east of Donsak district, Surat Thani and about 18 kilometers west of Koh Samui.

Transportation to Koh Phaluay

For odd days, take a ship to Sam Bay. For even days, take a ship to Song Bay. (There are 4 bays at Kho Phaluay namely Nueng bay, Song bay, Sam bay, and See bay. It is more convenient to take a ship at Song bay to the island.

Transportation to Koh Phaluay: Take a ship operated by Samui Island Tour from Donsak pier. The routes of this ship are Donsak, Koh Nok Phao, Koh Som, and Koh Phaluay.

The time for leaving the pier is at 1.00 p.m. and the ticket price is 150 baht for Thai adult and 200 baht for foreigners.



On the ship

most passengers are residents of the island. Products and stuff are also shipped to the island such as ice, etc.

After 30 minutes on the ship, it reduces speed in order to transfer all goods into the small ships which are leaving from Koh Nokphao.

It takes 1.5 hours to arrive at Koh Phaluay.

It takes 1.5 hours to arrive at Koh Phaluay.

Khao Tasiem is the symbol of Koh Phaluay.

หลังจากนั่งเรือมาประมาณ 1.30 ชั่วโมง ก็ถึงเกาะพะลวย


Welcome to Koh Phalauy


When the ship arrives to the island, we carry all belongings to our accommodation.  This time, we stayed at Eco resort which was the first resort at Koh Phaluay and is owned by the former director of Ban Koh Phaluay School.


The eco-resort was the first resort in KohPhaluay.


The eco-resort was the first resort in KohPhaluay.

The accommodation atmosphere

In front of the beach, there are playthings, seats, and open ground for camping.

The dining area

Our room for tonight

There is a large bed room which accommodates 4-5 people.

The bedroom has its own bathroom.

Tourist attractions at Koh Phaluay

This time, we took a boat from the beach in front of the resort and travelled around the island.

1. Sam Boe cave

Sam Boe cave

2. Song Pheenong bay: there are park officers at this stop who serve drinking water and snacks. Many tourists are droppedoff in this area in order to snorkel at thecoral reef.

Song Pheenong bay

3. Thien bay : there is Whage Sea reaching to Koh Hue Khangthak.

Whage Sea at Thien bay


Thien bay


Tip shells can be seen in this area and it is not food.


In this picture, Koh Moddang, Koh Hinjan, and Koh Lak.

4. Son bay

5. Nueng bay, Song bay, Sam bay, and See bay

360 degree sea view point

At the Eco resort, there is a 360 degree sea viewpoint. A teacher named Pheeraphon first thought of the idea to have a sea viewpoint which is located on the top of a mountain and can provide views around the island. The route to the area starts at the entrance which is located between Song bay and Sam bay. Tourists are able to see the scenery around the island. As resort customers, we can admire the atmosphere of the sunset and the sunrise free of charge.

After viewing the sunset and the sunrise fromthe 360 degree sea viewpoint, we walk back to the beach in front of the resort in order to appreciate the pleasant evening atmosphere of the sunset again.

The walking route to 360 degree viewpoints


360 degree viewpoints


The walking route to 360 degree viewpoints


At the viewpoint area, tourists can see views around KohPhaluay for 360 degrees.


The evening atmosphere at KohPhaluay

Ban Koh Phaluay School

The school is a center for environmental and clean energy learning and is supported by the Ministry of Energy and company groups for electrical power supply. The school building, named Somdech PhraBoromarajajonani,exhibits Koh Phaluay history and a small demonstration of electrical power supply.

The learning center for environment and clean energy


Ban Koh Phaluay School



Khoma cave

There arehouses for priestsand monks on the island.


Hornbill sightseeing

Hornbills are native to Koh Phaluay so tourists can see them around the island, such as at schools and resorts.

Accommodation on the island


Hornbills can be seen around KohPhaluay