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Academic Language Services for Travel Service Providers of Nang Gum Beach Project

Target Group travel service providers, boat drivers group, homestay entrepreneurs, and anybody who is interested in the project. Location Nang Gum Beach, Donsak Sub-District, Surat Thani Basic Information of Participants There are 35 participants including 17 females and 8 males. There are 25 respondents; 12 respondents are upto 30 years old, 3 respondents are between […]

Information Center Development for Education and Tourism in Ko Phaluai Project held between May 22nd – 25th , 2017 at library of Ban Ko Phaluai School, Angthong Sub-District, Ko Samui District, Surat Thani

Rationale             Suratthani Rajabhat University is an organization that will help Ko Phaluai to become a sustainable clean energy island. Representatives from different faculties and departments of the university were brought there to explore the route being used to prepare a tourism manual and to promote tourism in Ko Phaluai along with a community forum […]

Donsak – Ko Phaluai Tourism Route Development Project Activity: Donsak – Ko Phaluai Tourism Route Public Relations using Social Network

For Donsak – Ko Phaluai Tourism Route Public Relations using Social Network under Donsak – Ko Phaluai Tourism Route Development Project, some field trips were taken place in Ko Phaluai, Ban Khao Gloy, Nang Gum Beach, Pak Klong Donsak, Ko Raet, and Ko Nok Pao in order to collect data between February and March 2017. […]

Local Career Promote and Development using Sciences and Technology Project Activity: Build a Chicken Housing, Animal Science Program, Faculty of Science and Technology

Rationale Ko Phaluai is located in Surat Thani. It is about 18 kilometers from Donsak District and 20 kilometers from Ko Samui. Most of the area is forest surrounded by the sea. The primary career of most of the villagers is fishing using long-tailed boats. However, nowadays, fishery resources have become decadent which is resulted by commercial […]

Local Food Culture Project on Donsak – Phaluai Tourism Route

Food culture is one of the cultures that keeps changing all the time. It is a culture in which people from different cultures learn and share together. Seemingly, it represents concrete reflection of local habits, wisdom, and ways of life. In addition, ways of consumption, proper seasons, or different believes of consumption are absolutely derived […]

Conservation Awareness Creation with Hornbill Sculpture Project at Ban Ko Phaluai Village Number 6, Angthong Sub-District, Ko Samui District, Surat Thani

Rationale Visual identity represents the identity of Ko Phaluai to boost the tourism. Semiotics is a way that enhances prominence and differences as well as to clarify the identity of Ko Phaluai which can be reflected through sculpture symbols. This adds a unique concrete identity in the way of visual recognition representing the island (or […]

Database Development and Public Relations of Cultural Tourist Routes Project

Background and Importance Ko Phaluai is located in village number 6 of Angthong Sub-District, Ko Samui District, Suratthani. It is a second largest island inferior to Ko Wua Ta Lab. It is the first clean energy island model of Thailand. However, Ko Phalaui (known as Green Island) has been facing the energy issue, villagers therefore […]

First Aid Program for Students and Villagers at Ban Ko Phaluai School held on Jan 27th, 2017 Faculty of Nursing, Suratthani Rajabhat University

Background: Build community Present a project plan to villagers Adjust the project to meet the needs of villagers Objectives: To provide the participants with knowledge and skills in first aid which can help themselves and their loved ones safely before reaching the hospital. To reduce the risk of death and the cost of emergency medical […]

Local Products Observation for Tourism Promotion Project Academic Service Center, Faculty of Management Sciences, Suratthani Rajabhat University

Rationale:             As the missions of the university that consistent with the policy of Surat Thani especially for tourism which can create a huge amount of revenue, one of the important aspects which is still missing in the perspective of tourists is that, in many tourist attractions, there is a lack of goods or products […]