Project for public information of tourism route: Donsak- KohPhaluay using Social Network

According to the university mission of academic service for local development, it aims to run a strategy of tourism development in the Donsak – KohPhaluay community area.  The university sectors are running this strategy for tourism development and to strengthen Thai people’s quality of life by using tourism activities as the key point of development.

According to the university strategy, the Computer and Information Center under the office of Academic Recourses and Information Technology pays attention to the public information of tourist attractions at Donsak-KohPhaluay community. It is recognized as a poplar place to visit among tourists. The center makes the working plan “Project of public information for tourism route: Donsak-Phaluay using Social Network” in order to provide information about tourism attractions in theDonsak-KohPhaluay area to tourists quickly and widely.


To publicize and give the public information about tourist attractions in theDonsak-KohPhaluay community area, SuratThani province.

Project plan

  1. Needs analysis
  2. Area survey for more information
  3. Channels for public information
  4. Summarization of results
  5. Project follow-up

Expected result

Tourist attractions at Donsak-KohPhaluay community area, SuratThani province are well known among tourists.

Website development team for tourism route: Donsak- KohPhaluay community

Natpapat Suwannarat

web developer & content

Apisit Chomchey


Teerawat Kitngam

web content

Peerapat Prompan

web developer

Tripet Poldee


Wilawan Somboon


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